Three-Day Storm Hits Colorado Ski Resorts_ Colorado Snow Forecast

Three-Day Storm Hits Colorado Ski Resorts

Three-Day Storm Hits Colorado Ski Resorts

The United States’ central region is struck by a strong winter storm. Frost, heavy snow, and gusty winds are expected throughout the region. Reuters broke the news. Please follow our snow forecast.

The National Weather Service in the United States has issued a storm warning for Texas and Colorado, as well as the Midwest and northern New York. The storm is expected to last until Friday.

Please read Intermountain Express cancelation policy. It is very important to understand that when the mountain pass is closed, then no one can help not to miss the flight. Even our best drivers who know all the roads by heart can only warn you that it is better to leave the hotel earlier to catch the flight.

Snow Forecast

snow forecast

snow forecast

Is there snow at Colorado ski resorts? This three-day event would deliver 10-15 feet to the northern mountains, 15-20 inches to the core slopes, and 20-30 feet to the southern mountain ranges, according to Snow Report.

Where in Colorado does it get the most snow? The best snow dates are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This weekend, the highlands are predicted to experience light rain and mostly sunny skies. Peaks in the mid-20s are forecast on Saturday, with low points in the low-30s on Sunday.

For the weekend, the slopes are predicted to experience droughts and mostly sunny skies. Highs in the mid-20s are forecast on Saturday, with lows in the low-30s on Sunday.

 If you are looking to log a serious amount of vertical? The joyful feeling of skiing, when the wind is in your face and the creak of snow under your feet is just a fairy tale. But so that the fairy tale itself does not become a tragedy, it is important to follow a number of safety rules for adults and children. As we have already mentioned skiing during snow storms is quite dangerous, so we would like to recommend you to follow several rules.

Ski safety rules

  • Ski poles must be equipped with a protective tip, a ring and a comfortable handle with a leather adjustable wrist strap.
  • Installation and operation of the binding must be built under the skier, so that the skier can put on and take off the snowshoes on their own.
  • You should purchase light and loose equipment that protects well from the wind and does not restrict the movement of the skier.
  • It is necessary that the athlete’s shoes match the size of his feet; then the likelihood of injuries and damage to the feet is reduced.
  • Riding on a horizontal path should be at a distance of at least three meters from each other, during the descent – 30 meters.
  • If you feel that you are losing balance, then you should slightly squat down and fall to one side. To avoid injury, sticks should be pointed backwards.
  • If you feel signs of frostbite, it is recommended to stop further movement, leave the race, get into a warm room as soon as possible.
  • Before the start of the skiing session, you should take off your weight clothing; remember that when skiing, the temperature regime goes astray, and the skier gets hot.
  • After the end of the race, it is recommended to remove the ski base at the entrance to the premises, shaking off all the snow load from it.
  • It is not recommended to drink cool water for the first 20-30 minutes after a run in order to avoid angina.
  • Comfortable weather conditions for skiing should be within the temperature range up to -10 degrees, in the absence of a strong wind flow.

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