How to choose a ski resort?

The question that is most often asked is: which resort to select for a ski holiday?

In fact, you can easily figure out which resort might be right for you, your family or friends by sorting out what is most important to you.

Do you want a calm and charming little traditional village?

Would you prefer the hustle and bustle of a big, world-famous ski resort town?

Does the snow guarantee more essential to you than being able to ski to your door?

Do you prefer long journeys, or you love country travel and fantastic mountain scenery?

  • There are a lot of guides on the Internet for an advanced search for ski resorts. They offer selection options that will really help you narrow down your idea of ​​a resort that will suit your needs. We would advise to get as much additional information as possible about the resorts that you consider, which will allow you to narrow down your choices even more. Below you can see some important tips for planning a ski trip to Colorado:
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation of ski equipment on the plane
  • Food
  • Insurance
  • Weather
  • Company
  • Book everything in advance


In addition to choosing a resort, you also have to decide what type of accommodation you prefer.

In Colorado, the choice tends to come down to chalets (fully serviced or not), hotels, club hotels and apartments.

Favored by many, the chalets are affordable, well-suited for large groups and can offer good value for money. The chalet (serviced) has staff that will cook, clean and generally take care of you. Meals will include breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner (except for one day off when the state is closed, on that day you will have to eat out). Serviced chalets are usually very comfortable and everything is included in the price. Be aware that if you book a large chalet, there may be other guests sharing the chalet with you – some people love it, some people don’t!

Hotels and club hotels. Most resorts offer a wide range of hotels of different standards. With club hotels, mainly large tour operators work.

Apartments. If you prefer self-catering, you should choose an apartment. They can be large if you want to have more space of your own or if you don’t want to eat at the many restaurants and prefer to cook on your own.

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Transportation of ski equipment on the plane

Before buying tickets, carefully study the conditions for transporting ski equipment on the airline’s website – they may differ even for different flights of the same carrier. There were situations when skiers found out already at the airport that they would have to pay extra for equipment, and all because the air carrier has dozens of economic tariffs, data on which are not always displayed by aggregators.
Standard conditions are 44-50 lbs (20-23 kg) for a suitcase and 20-33 lbs (10-15 kg) for a ski bag. Keep this in mind if you want to buy a large wheeled case for two pairs of skis to fit all your gear. You may be asked to pull out half of the contents or pay for the excess. Some companies allow only one pair of skis and boots to be transported free of charge. In any case, find out all the information in advance so that there are no surprises.


To get from the airport to the hotel there are several options:

  • Order a transfer;
  • Rent a car;
  • Get by public transport;
  • Taxi Or Cab;
  • Flight;
  • Train.

If you are traveling to the mountains alone or as a couple, you can look for inexpensive busses running from the airport to various cities. If you are traveling with a company or family for 10 days, the cost of renting a car for the entire vacation period will be comparable or even cheaper than the cost of a round-trip transfer. The car will not only allow you to get from the airport to the hotel, but will also give you complete freedom of movement around the region and the country as a whole.

With pricing, everything is simple: the closer to the ski lifts, the more expensive. But if you have a car, you can not get too attached to the place. Parking at ski resorts is usually large and free. The car allows you to rent excellent apartments at some distance from the resort and save a considerable amount. One has only to take into account that the cost of a ski pass for those living in the region and those outside it may differ. If you live in close proximity to the resort, you may be given a guest card with a discount on your ski pass.

No need to think that moving away from the resort will tie you to the car and make the whole company inseparable. You can always use the services of the free ski-bus, which will take you directly to the ski lift. On the mountain there is often a storage room with a dryer, where it is convenient to store equipment and ride to the slope “in sneakers”. In addition to skiing, you will probably want to go shopping and just take a walk, so living near the ski lift, but far from civilization, in fact, may turn out to be less convenient than living in the center of the village and getting to the slope by car or ski bus.

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Choose a standard room with breakfast or an apartment with a kitchen – the decision is yours. The apartments are usually more spacious, the possibility of self-cooking allows you not to become attached to local cafes and restaurants and plan your own menu – a continental breakfast can quickly get bored. If you are traveling with a group, you can consider staying in a chalet with several bedrooms and a shared living and dining area. Own kitchen is also convenient for those who travel with small children, they often do not have the strength to go to a restaurant in the evening and after a meal they want to watch cartoons or play toys.

Please note that upon check-out, you may be asked to pay additional fees for final cleaning and metered electricity.


No matter how active and aggressive you ride, be sure to get sports belated. It’s sports! An accident in the mountains can happen to anyone and not necessarily be your fault. Sports insurance covers the delivery of the victim to the hospital, first aid and transportation to the home country, the rest of the points are individual in each case.

When choosing an insurance company, carefully read all the conditions: what cases are covered by insurance, what operations are paid by the insurance company and under what circumstances. There are many pitfalls. The first thing that many people know, but often forget, is that you must be sober, otherwise the insurance will be canceled. Second: insurance is often not valid when riding off-piste. And the classic ski injury – torn ligaments – is considered an injury compatible with life, and therefore you may be offered to roll your leg into a cast and send it to your homeland in this condition for treatment under the policy.

It is beneficial for the insurance company to return you to your hometown as soon as possible, and as soon as you get off the plane, the insurance company relieves itself of all further obligations, putting you in the hands of free medicine.


Going on a ski trip, immediately plan one day for bad weather. In the mountains, the weather is changeable and one day in a week of your holiday will most likely be completely unsuitable for skiing. There will be no grief and frustration if you are ready for this in advance and wait for it with interest. In advance, at home before departure, explore the surroundings and plan a visit to objects of interest to you – museums, castles. markets, SPA. Make a list with addresses and wait for bad weather to implement it. In this case, bad weather will be desirable for you. Also, when buying a ski pass, you should immediately choose an option that will allow you to make one day a week a day off from skiing.


Oh, this is, without exaggeration, the most important and difficult issue of a good holiday. We rarely pay attention to this at the time of planning, and then we greatly regret getting into a “not our” company. If you are not going alone, then carefully analyze the composition of the team of fellow travelers. Remember that people with whom it is convenient and pleasant for you to work together, drink coffee, communicate on non-ski topics will not necessarily be excellent companions for you in your ski adventures. All people have completely different preferences in skiing: some people like to drink aromatic coffee on the terrace overlooking the mountains after each descent – others do not want to stop for a second and are ready to ride from the opening to the closing of the resort, some love gentle and long slopes – others are steep off-piste descents… Form a team of like-minded people on ski issues, and not on everyday issues, and then skiing will be pleasant, interesting, and comfortable for all members of your team.

Book everything in advance

Determine all the services that you plan to use on vacation: rental, instructor, children’s school, guide services and book everything in advance via the Internet. In alpine resorts, this is customary, and much can not be decided on the spot. Go beyond the main booking systems. Often they do not have particularly “delicious” offers. Carefully study the sites of the resorts and ski regions you have chosen and look for local offers on them that are often offered without a booking fee and, as a result, are cheaper and more fascinating.

By following these simple tips, you can significantly increase the amount of pleasure from your ski holiday.

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