Colorado Ski Resort Winter Season Dates

Colorado Ski Resort Winter Season Dates


Colorado Ski Resort Season Dates

When will every Colorado ski area be open for the new ski season 2022-2023?

When tourists ask us about the best destinations for ski or snowboarding Colorado comes to mind first.  Colorado is famous for its magnificent and impressive ski resorts, especially in Aspen and Vail. Colorado offers the best ski and snowboarding in the world, and the amount of snowfall during major storms can be impressive.  These popular ski resorts will satisfy the wishes of everyone, taking into consideration the budget, skill level and preference of location. Here we have prepared for Colorado Ski Resorts Opening Day. In addition, you will find the most convenient way to get to the best resorts in Colorado. How to book an airport private shuttle service from Denver International Airport (DEN) or how to find the best Eagle airport shuttle service.

Most importantly, we have selected the best prices for services such as Aspen, Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge and Telluride from Denver airport private car service.

Winter sports enthusiasts, prepare your equipment! We are happy to announce the grand opening of your favorite ski resorts.  Are you ready to immerse yourself in a winter wonderland, surrounded by majestic mountains and pure white snow?

Want to know where you can ride first?

THE GRAND OPENING OF THE FIRST SKI RESORTS IN COLORADO – Gradually, autumn gives way to winter, and winter sports enthusiasts slowly prepare their equipment. Colorado is known for its ski runs and great service. Ski resorts in Colorado are considered to be some of the best winter resorts in the world.  It is for those people who prefer active holidays in winter we have great news. There are a huge selection of ski resorts in Colorado: Breckenridge Ski Resort, Winter Part Resort, Steamboat Ski Resort, Powderhorn Mountain resorts, Aspen and Vail. They all both an excellent location and have a wide variety of winter activities. This week two famous resorts among tourists all over the world have finally announced its opening. Our company InerMountain Express Limo provides Denver airport private shuttle service from Denver and Eagle to your favorite resorts. You can choose any suitable option and book now!


Aparahoe Basin announced its opening for the 2022-2023 season Oct 23 2022 (estimated). Aparahoe Basin is perfect for not only professional skiers or snowboarders, but also for people who are far from sport. Here you can have individual lessons with highly qualified trainers. Do not afraid to start your skiing or snowboarding journey right now. Here you can find lots of trails for all types of active winter recreation.

Aparahoe Basin is an alpine ski area in the Rocky Mountains of the United States, Colorado. This ski resort has existed and has been dynamically developing since 1946. For 74 years of successful operation, the resort has achieved high results, and every year the flow of tourists is increasing. They specialize in family holidays. This ski resort is usually the last ski resort in North America to close at the end of each year. Although other ski resorts close in early May, Aparahoe Basin often closes in July and reopens in November.

Arapahoe Basin or B-Basin Opening and Closing Dates

We will monitor and update information in real time, for your convenience. Please follow us to find out when the Arapahoe Basine ski season starts.

B-Basin SeasonOpeningClosing
22/23Oct 23 2022 (estimated)Jun 08 2023 (estimated)
21/22Oct 17 2021Jun 05 2022



There are five restaurants available for its visitors. The 6th Alley Bar & Grill is famous for its appetizing bacon and foamy beer, you will be surprised by delicious homemade food. Black Mountain Lodge offers BBQ, salads, cocktails and beer. It is perfect for get-togethers with friends. Legends Café serves tasty hearty breakfasts (porridge, croissants, crepes, fruits, omelets) .The Perch is an outdoor café one level above the 6th Alley Bar & Grill. It will offer you beer, cocktails and other drinks for you. Various choice dishes, local and European, are available in Il Rifugio.


The safety of skiing or riding during COVID pandemics is very important. All guests have to wear a mask and maintain physical distances at all public places. We advise you to ski on weekdays, when there are not lots of people.


It is possible to buy tickets every day. But they must be bought online on the website. Please keep in mind, that tickets are not available onsite. Pass holders can buy or rent any necessary equipment on the website.

Arapahoe transportation

The best way for you is to book one of our luxury shuttles from Denver Airport or if you are flying to Vail airport you can book our private shuttle service from Eagle Airport to Arapahoe.



Keystone announced its opening for the 2022-2023 season Nov 01 2022 (estimated). Famous luxury ski resort has announced its opening. Keystone Resort is a popular ski resort located in Colorado, USA. It was opened in 1997 and hosts thousands of guests from all over the world. Residents can enjoy runs and trails of three huge mountains – Dercum, North Peak and Outback. It is a dearest dream of every traveler, who wants to enjoy views of pure white snow and Rocky Mountains. Apart from winter outdoor active leisure you can enjoy haute cuisine and quiet family holidays. It is one of the most prestigious ski resorts. A lover of ski slopes can stay here for a whole month and never ride the same track, conquering new heights every day. Keystone Resort is famous for its friendly and personalized service. You deserve to enjoy views of stunning mountains in a luxury ski resort.

Keystone Ski Resort Opening and Closing Dates

We will monitor and update information in real time, for your convenience. Please follow us to find out when the Keystone ski season starts.

Keystone SeasonOpeningClosing
22/23Nov 01 2022 (estimated)Apr 17 2023 (estimated)
21/22Oct 22 2021Apr 17 2022


Keystone resort is waiting for those who want to get a lesson from world-class instructors. It is time to improve your riding and skiing skills. But keep in mind that online booking system starts only in November.


  1 Day tickets starting from $83 on ( Dec 8, 2020)

Mostly advanced and expert terrains prefer this alpine ski area, but there are a lot of runs for non-professional skiers, Keystone resort offers children programs for little lovers of winter outdoor activities.

 InterMountain Express private shuttle service from Denver to Keystone

InterMountain Express limo company works every day without weekend and breaks. We work for more than 10 years and have thousands of satisfied clients from different countries. Let us offer you a comfortable private shuttle from Denver International Airport to ski resorts, hotels, residences or any landmarks you prefer. Choose a comfortable private shuttle instead of crowded buses. Our company works to make sure that you enjoy a safe and comfortable trip. When you choose IME you can be absolutely sure that you are in a professionally driven, new model vehicle which will provide you with a comfortable trip. Let us take care of your safe and comfortable next trip from Denver airport to Keystone or shuttle service from Eagle airport to Keystone.

Vail airport car service
Keystone airport car service

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The road from Denver International Airport to this resort is about 2,5 hours. One of the possible ways is to rent a car. But that is quite dangerous as it is difficult to find a good vehicle with 4-wheel drive with snow tires. The snowy conditions on the roads mean a lot of sliding around and skidding. What is more you can get lost during your ride. The nearest airport to Keystone Resort is Eagle (EGE). However, there is another option for getting to Keystone Resort. You can take a bus from Aspen to Keystone Resort via West Glenwood Park & Ride. It will take around 5 hours.  Here you are going to have a really long and hard way. Getting from the airport with heavy suitcases by bus is very problematic.

Let us offer you an excellent way to get from Denver International Airport to Keystone.

An individual transfer is a perfectly suitable type of transport which will get you to the hotel quickly and with a high level of comfort. Our private shuttles available to all travel destinations in Colorado. Choose a comfortable private shuttle instead of crowded buses. Our company works to make sure that you enjoy a safe and comfortable trip.

Keystone Shuttle
Keystone airport Shuttle to Denver


Aspen announced its opening for the 2022-2023 season Now 24 2022 (estimated)Aspen is one of the largest resorts in the United States. It has a reputation as a prestigious and expensive resort. This is partially true, but Aspen is available for people on a small budget, and snow is always guaranteed here.

Aspen combines four isolated ski areas – Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass. Together, they offer 125 miles of slopes for all tastes, both for beginners and experienced skiers, with a developed system of lifts.

The highest peaks in the area are Maroon Bells (13933.73 ft) and Pyramid Peak (13,795 ft).

Aspen is a Victorian resort town nestled in the scenic Roaring Fork Valley, full of dining, shopping and entertainment beyond skiing.

Opening Day at Aspen Resort

We will monitor and update information in real time, for your convenience. Please follow us to find out when the Aspen ski season starts.

Opening and Closing Dates Aspen Mountain

22/23Nov 24 2022 (estimated)Apr 16 2023 (estimated)
21/22Nov 25 2021Apr 24 2022
How to get to Aspen? 

Of course, you can fly to Aspen airport, but it is best to book an airport shuttle service from Denver to Aspen, it is safer but not faster than flying to Aspen. On Other way to get to Aspen Mountain  – Eagle to Aspen shuttle.


Vail announced its opening for the 2022-2023 season Nov 19 2022 (estimated). Vail Valley is located west of Denver at 8070,8 feet in the Colorado Rockies. Vail, the largest ski area in the United States with an excellent ski lift system, is one of the top five resorts in the world. This is one of the few resorts in the United States that is comparable in size to major European resorts. The city itself is big enough. The central part – Vail Village – Tyrolean style resort. On the pedestrian street there are shops, restaurants and bars. Vail is a fairly expensive resort. In addition to offering great skiing opportunities, Vail is Colorado’s history and culture, festivals, sports, restaurants, and music.

Vail Ski Resort was named in honor of the designer of the highway that ran through the valley in 1962, founding fathers Earl Eaton, Pete Seibert, and Harley Higby.

Over the years, the resort has grown new lifts, the ski area has expanded to 5,289 acres (8.3 sq mi; 21.4 km2). The sleepy little resort has grown into one of Colorado’s finest year-round resorts.

There are two ways to get to Vail, book a private shuttle from Eagle airport or choose Denver airport and book an airport shuttle service from Denver.

Opening Day at Vail Mountain Resort

We will monitor and update information in real time, for your convenience. Please follow us to find out when the Vail ski season starts.

Opening and Closing Dates Vail Colorado
22/23Nov 19 2022 (estimated)Apr 21 2023 (estimated)
21/22Nov 12 2021May 01 2022
How to get to Vail Ski Resort? 

Of course, you can fly to Eagle Vail airport, and it is the best option, book now Eagle airport to Vail shuttle. On Other way to get to Vail Resort  – book  car service from Denver to Vail.


Copper Mountain announced its opening for the 2022-2023 season Nov 14 2022 (estimated)Here is one of the best ski areas in Colorado. In 1971, the resort’s founder, Chuck Lewis, looked up at Mount Copper and said, “I’ll build a great ski resort here.” Negotiations were held to purchase 280 acres (about 113 hectares) of land at the base, together with the Forest Service, the parameters and principles of the ski area were established. In the summer of 1971, construction of the tracks began. The opening took place in 1972 and today the area of the ski resort of Copper Mountain is 2,465 acres (3.9 sq mi; 10.0 km2).

Opening Day at Copper Mountain Ski Resort

We will monitor and update information in real time, for your convenience. Please follow us to find out when the Copper Mtn ski season starts.

 Opening and Closing Dates Copper Mountain
22/23Nov 14 2022 (estimated)Apr 23 2023 (estimated)
21/22Nov 22 2021Apr 24 2022
The best way to get here comfortably and quickly is to order Copper Mountain airport shuttle.


Telluride announced its opening for the 2022-2023 season Nov 24 2022 (estimated)A world-class ski resort in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, North America, founded by Joe T. Zoline, has repeatedly been ranked among the top 10 resorts on the continent. Located at an altitude of 13,150 ft (4,010 m), the resort presents an astonishing mountain enclave of fantastic skiing and snowboarding opportunities, luxury hotels and condominiums, stylish boutiques and trendy clubs combined with rustic charm. The ski slopes passing right through the town give the opportunity to access the slopes from the doors of many houses and hotels.

Opening Day at Telluride Ski Resort

We will monitor and update information in real time, for your convenience. Please follow us to find out when the Telluride ski season starts.

 Opening and Closing Dates Telluride
22/23Nov 24 2022 (estimated)Apr 02 2023 (estimated)
21/22Dec 03 2021Apr 03 2022
What’s the best way to get to Telluride?

There are two best options, # 1 Use Local Telluride Regional Airport (TEX) or Option # 2 Getting to Telluride by Car – It all depends. If you want to ride the most beautiful road around 7-hour drives through Colorado you could ask for Dener to Telluride shuttle service. If you’re just ready to get there and you don’t mind the additional cost, take the flight.


WinterPark announced its opening for the 2022-2023 season Nov 16 2022 (estimated). WP Ski Resort first opened in 1940 and is one of the oldest ski areas in Colorado (although much younger than Howelsen, which opened in 1914).
In 1975, the Mary Jane ski area was added to the resort. And it really is a “park” owned by the city of Denver. Colorado residents prefer this particular resort, the reason for which is the proximity to Denver, good elephants, a well thought-out lift system and guaranteed snow. In Winter Park, you can wear your jeans and enjoy the atmosphere of a typical American small town. But times are changing. The newly built Zephyr Mountain Lodge, with shops and a restaurant on the ground floor and a condominium above them, allows you to comfortably stay right next to the ski lifts.
Winter Park has preserved traditional mountain huts with large communal rooms where you can read, chat with friends and play board games.

Opening Day in Winter Park Ski Resort

We will monitor and update information in real time, for your convenience. Please follow us to find out when the Winter Park season starts.

 Opening and Closing Dates Winter Park
22/23Nov 16 2022 (estimated)May 21 2023 (estimated)
21/22Dec 03 2021

Apr 03 2022

What’s the best way to get to Winter Park?

The closest ski resort to Denver, there are 4 ways to get here, here are the best ones:

  1. Winter Park Express (Amtrak),
  2. Zephyr Train,
  3. Local Shuttle (Scheduled shuttle)
  4. Denver to Winter Park Private Car service (NON Shared)

f you are flying to Denver Airport (DEN), the best way to get to Winter Park is to book Winter Park airport shuttle (up to 14 PAX) and in less than an hour you will be there.


Breck announced its opening for the 2022-2023 season Nov 24 2022 (estimated). The resort is located in the mountains not far from Denver in Summit County, today the resort has a ski area of 2,908 acres (11.77 km2) and a maximum elevation of 12.998 feet (3.962 m). There are a lot of hotels, villas and residences in Breckenridge for every budget.

Most resorts are next to the ski slopes. It offers an outdoor pool, indoor pool and free ski storage. Breckenridge town center is less than 5 minutes’ drive away. Conveniently located on the bustling main street of Breckenridge, Colorado, this comfortable and feature-rich log cabin lodge offers great views of the Rocky Mountains.

Opening Day at Breckenridge Resort

We will monitor and update information in real time, for your convenience. Please follow us to find out when the Breckenridge ski season starts.

Opening and Closing Dates Breckenridge
22/23Nov 24 2022 (estimated)Apr 14 2023 (estimated)
21/22Nov 29 2021Apr 17 2022

What’s the best way to get to Breckenridge?

Different people go to ski resorts: with their own equipment and without, with children or with friends. They all want to get to the resort quickly and as inexpensively as possible.

Most often, buses, trains, group transfers and taxis go to the ski resorts.  You can get there faster, cheaper and with more comfort. We will tell you more about an individual transfer to ski resorts, provided by InterMountain Express.

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