Where to go in Colorado

Where to go in Colorado

Christmas holidays are the most exciting holiday in the year with which only the Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Easter can compete. But only at Christmas we receive so many gifts and can spend at least one week with the family without thinking about work. But for many people Christmas and New Year without snow are not holidays at all, so where is it better to look for snow? You are right- it is higher in the mountains.

Christmas holidays

That’s why the state of Colorado almost bursts at the seams on Christmas Eve, because here on the winter holidays people flock not only from all over the United States, but from around the world. But what are they all doing there? Skiing is certainly great, but we want entertainment too- these Christmas festivities. It is they who give the resort towns the magic of a winter New Year’s fairy tale that attracts people from all corners of the globe. In addition, this type of outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding can not just stay away. Therefore various friendly encounters are held during this period.



According to the edition of “Travel and Leisure” Aspen is considered as one of the best cities in America for the celebration of Christmas and New Year. But those who have been here outside the holidays argue that the spirit of Christmas lives here all the time. This is true thanks to the quiet cozy snow-covered streets, fresh frosty air and a feeling of festive carelessness embracing the heart as soon as the footsteps out of the car onto a raspy snowball.

Especially the Aspen is honored by the lovers of winter kinds of competitions because it is here that the world competitions in winter mountain sports take place- the Winter Extreme Games (winter X Games) which will be held here until 2019 as well as seasonal competitions between professionals and amateurs at the local level. At the international competition a lot of famous athletes and just popular people gather. So the hunters for the celebration will have something to do.

In addition, during the Christmas holidays the night life here does not cease for a minute – the doors of night clubs, billiards and other entertainment establishments are opened. In general, this is the best place for athletes, extreme people and party people although family groups here can also find a quiet and cozy hotel where the boiling of this life will not bother them.



Vail, along with Aspen, not only is also considered as the best city to spend a fabulous Christmas, but also shares with Aspen the holding of the World Championships in alpine skiing, providing bobsleigh tracks and springboards that meet international standards. In addition, it has already served as an arena for Olympic competitions. In addition to official competitions, amateur and comrades’ competitions are often arranged here on which even beginners can boast of their successes.

But do not forget about the cultural life of the town – on Christmas holidays there are always a lot of interesting programs for adults and children alike. Therefore parents can take a little breath while the youngsters are frolicking with animators or watching New Year’s performance.




Breckenridge has its own sporting “chip”: snowboarding competitions: “Triple Crown” and “Big Chevrolet Prize”. For a quarter of a century they have been held annually with the participation of specialists and amateurs. Here you can show yourself and look at others. But that is not all. At one time there were so many horses galloping along these roads that it was necessary to organize an exhibition of horse horseshoes which turned out to be much more interesting than one could imagine.

In addition, this place serves as a venue for extraordinarily beautiful and very noisy weddings, for which happy guests can invite all those present. As for the nightly special events, it is highly recommended to visit the torchlight procession – this is an unusually beautiful sight when hundreds of dancing lights are reflected and broken into many sparkles with snow.

Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek

Maybe, Beaver Creek can not boast of noisy contests or hangouts all night long but in this place you can really pamper the body and soul. At first, you can buy a couple of new souvenirs which are quite a lot. But the main feature is the dream of sweet tooth: the chef of the restaurant Cookie Time treats everybody with portions of fragrant hot cookies with chocolate chips. What could be better to regain strength after riding? Well, at last in the hotel The Ritz Carlton you will find the SPA center Bachelor Gulch Spa. Their specialists are ready to indulge you and groom with professional cosmetic procedures for the whole body for the whole day.



We immediately turn the cards over: here is the Mountain Rushstone (the Mountain of Presidents). At least for this purpose you should definitely come here. But not only that … Here the lovers of outdoor activities will find things to do such as sledging, skating and skiing as well as lovers of a more relaxed pastime to whose services there are many cozy bars and cafes and some can only be reached by harnessing horses or lift. If you suddenly want to dance a little – there are also night clubs here.

In any case, for anyone in Colorado there is a place for his own hear where there is something to see and to do. But do not forget about the comfortable transfer. InterMountain Express is ready to offer tourists a luxury transfer service to any resort in Colorado from the main airports of the ski area. With us your vacation will be as comfortable as possible.

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