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What is the toll lane on the i-70 road and what will it provide you with?

What is the toll lane on the i-70 road and what will it provide you with?

I-70 Mountain Express Lane will provide you with a faster, safer and traffic-free ride to/from Denver Airport. As well as you can get to your nearest ski resort. It will shorten your travel time from Denver to Brackenridge to one hour and from Denver to Vail it will be about 1:20 minutes. Our company Intermountain Express Denver to Vail shuttle provides first class passenger transportation throughout Colorado and all of our cars have toll road transporters. Our customers are getting the best, and we will deliver them always on time.

We are still working to improve our roads to reduce traffic. At this motel several toll lanes have already been made and we are still working on the busiest sections of i-70. One section of toll roads 13 miles from Empire through the memorial tunnels of veterans to Idaho Springs. It will allow to increase the traffic flow by a lot and reduce the traffic in the winter season.

Who ever got into these terrible traffic jams when rushing to Denver Airport or Eagle-Vail airport, so as not to miss their flight, you’ll understand why our company has made sure that our clients got the most comfortable limousines and were in the planned places always on time. We will constantly monitor all innovations in this area and always be the first to implement it for our customers.

InterMountain Express limo has more than 12 years of experience in luxury transportation from Denver International Airport to all ski resorts in Colorado. We participate in all promotions that fight to reduce traffic and car traffic along the I-70 stretch of road from Denver to Glenwoodsprings. We have special promotions that encourage our customers to take advantage of early departures, thereby reducing traffic congestion during rush hour.

Our customers always ask us about toll roads and these are the most frequently asked questions:

  • If the driver uses a toll road, will the price for the trip be higher? – Our answer is no. A trip will cost as much as it costs when booking.
  • Will travel time be reduced? and by how much? – The most popular Denver routes to Breckenridge will take about an hour. And from Denver to Vail travel time will be 1 hour 20 minutes.
  • Are your cars equipped with a transporter for the I-70 Mountain Express Lane? – Yes, our entire fleet is equipped with conveyors, which really reduces travel time to/from Denver.

Work from Denver to Vail will be carried out until 2021, so our team warns all our customers that during the high season there may be congestion on the road, to prevent the loss of precious time, we track the entire situation on the road and can previously warn our customers about the exhaustion of the road to correct the route.

I-70 Mountain Express Lane

I-70 Mountain Express Lane

Be with us your InterMountain Express is the best & luxury transportation from Denver. We work for you 24/7 and we care about the safety of our customers.


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    Another great airport shuttle service from Denver to Breckenridge is InterMountain Express Limo service: We’ve used them a few times now, and always great service. Worth mentioning. Thanks

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