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Summer in Colorado

Summer in Colorado

Part 3 – Five things to do in the summer in Colorado. Take Denver to Vail car service. When all fans of snowboarding and skiing are leaving, the Colorado summer comes. This is an amazing time, the unforgettable nature of Colorado is starting to wake up. Here you will find not forgotten trekking tracks, waterfalls, desert and much more. We have prepared for you five not forgotten cases in the summer of Colorado. Intermountain Express takes you to every corner of Colorado.  Don’t think that there is nothing to do in the summer, it is not. These places bloom in the summer warm weather. Do not miss them while they are cuddly to make sure that you get the most out of life in our magnificent state. Intermountain Express provided detailed information and support. For over 10 years, carries out an uninterrupted message Denver Vail car service.

  1. Colorado State Sports & night life


The Intermountain Express team serves luxury transport to all night life in the state of Colorado. You will find Denver car service here and back. Denver Vail car service allows you to enjoy the view from the window, not the traffic on the road. Vail to Denver transportation also serves concerts at RED ROCKS AMPHITHEATRE. Is it difficult to choose only one important summer day in Colorado? – squeezing both days on one weekend, you will fall into Colorado happiness.


Who does not know RED ROCKS AMPHITHEATRE? This is the most beloved outdoor concert for the Coloradoans and for the American. The concert hall in the open air can not be forgotten, there is the best acoustics in the United States. Red-Rocks’ massive oblique ledges rising from the ground create hundreds of dance floors and perfect sound. In truth, it is called the natural amphitheater, where artists like to perform.

The famous rocks are charming, as the falling rays of a summer sunset frame the Red-Rocks and paint them in pastel scarlet tones. Go to a rock concert without your car with Intermountain Express safer and more comfortable. If you have never been to Red-Rocks, then the time has come. And if you’ve been here before, it’s time to go again before you miss at least one summer concert season. Take the car service Denver to Vail and we are waiting for you.


The Intermountain Express team Denver car service to all sports games in the state of Colorado.

Fans of all the sports teams of Colorado State trust Intermountain Express. You can head for the full Denver car service to any sporting event in Colorado. You can also order car service at Denver Airport. Regardless of which company, at least one person, at least 14 people.

Colorado’s favorite teams always trust Intermountain Express.

Coors Field is one of the most legendary and scenic spots in US Major League Baseball. You can enjoy refreshments while sitting on the table and rooting for your favorite teams. What could be better than a summer Colorado evening on your day out in nature with your family.

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