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The best time to visit Rocky Mountain National Park!

In summer, you especially want to be in nature, hide from the heat under the foliage of mighty trees and swim in cool clear water. Nature reserves and national parks are a great option where you can take a break from the metropolis and its concrete skyscrapers. You might have started making plans to travel to the stunning state of Colorado since summer has finally happened. But more precisely, which summertime activities in Colorado should you be sure not to miss? I’ll go over some of the most pleasurable summer activities in Colorado in the paragraphs that follow. All of these activities are possible across the state.

Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, which is also well-known for the unusual fauna and flora that call it home, is the most well-known ski resort in the United States. It is located northwest of Boulder, which has a big airport, and is accessible to the public all year long.

The park, located in northern Colorado, covers the continental divide with protected mountains and forests with alpine grasslands. Recommended to see: Trail Ridge Road Old Fall River Road Route “Keyhole” Pico Longs Bear Lake Area: 265,4 acres (1,074 km2)

Official website: Rocky Mountain National Park RMNP

Today we will highlight the main tips for hiking in Colorado.

  1. Mountains
  2. Camping
  3. Hiking
  4. lake Sprague
  5. Canoeing


The primary mountain range in the Cordillera system that separates North America’s western and eastern halves is the Rocky Mountains. Naturally, the American Continental Divide runs through this area, and from there, the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans’ water basins start. Here, the Colorado, one of the biggest rivers, runs.
Rocky Mountain Park itself is divided into two distinct climate zones. To the right of the Rocky Mountains, on the eastern slopes facing the Great Plains, the air is relatively dry, the terrain is arid, and on the tops of the mountains you can see glaciers and snow caps. To the left of the Rocky Mountains, the climate is very humid, which results in a large amount of woodland.


You can take a place in the campsite from 13:00, and you need to leave it before noon. In summer (June to September) you can spend no more than 7 days a year in campsites, and in the cold season (October to May) – no more than 14 days a year. Silence must be observed in all campsites from 22:00 to 06:00.
In summer, you must reserve a place in the campsite in advance, this can be done on the website of the national park
And in the cold season, you need to reserve a place in advance only on weekends.


Trails for hiking can be found on the plains, on high mountain summits, or in the woods. It is advised to allow a few days to acclimate to the altitude before starting some of the more challenging walks in Rocky Mountain Park since even those in excellent physical condition might suffer difficulty when climbing owing to the altitude.

  • Simple hikes to three lakes

During the trip, we advise travelers to see three lakes – Sprague lake, Bear lake and Nymph lake. We left the car in parking lots, which were crowded even on a weekday, and went on small and fairly simple hikes, allowing us to get a quick impression of Rocky Mountain Park as a whole. It was interesting, and despite the morning rain, we were more or less lucky with the weather, the sky cleared up and the sun came out from behind the clouds.

Just to get away from the throng, we advise going on a hike here early in the day. And a Rocky Mountain Conservancy interpretive guide is required to go with it. You’ll undoubtedly notice the groomed pines when out for a stroll. Yet, the mountainous region is currently also afflicted by a beetle infestation.

Walk at the lake Sprague

Sprague Lake itself is at about 8200 feet and is not very large, only 13 acres. Once upon a time there was a mountain resort, and a resort owned by Avenir Sprague, an experienced guide and a strong business executive. Before joining these lands to the national park in 1915, Sprague built a dam and widened the lake to make the fishermen feel comfortable here.


You can get a fresh perspective by canoeing. Canoes can be hired nearby, and journeys to the national parks or the woodlands surrounding can be scheduled online. The majority of places will give you life jackets, water-resistant maps, and bags or containers for your possessions. Take a vacation, stock up on food, and enjoy the various scenic locations that are secluded from prying eyes. Since it was created by the aboriginal people of North America, the canoe’s basic design—narrow, pointed, and open at the top— hasn’t changed much. Yet, it continues to be one of the most well-liked boat types today among both casual and ardent rowers. Always be prepared for the canoe to capsize! Pack your spare clothes, food, survival kit, wallet, keys, and other essentials into a waterproof dry bag. Attach the bag to the canoe or to an object that will float if the canoe capsizes.


With a little preparation, a spirit of adventure, and a soft spot for nature
and the past, you’ll be on the trail to exploring Colorado like a local


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