InterMountain Express Limo Service has entered “Better Business Bureau”

InterMountain Express Limo Service has entered “Better Business Bureau”

InterMountain Express Limo Service has entered “Better Business Bureau” Our company works actively for improvement of quality providing services and does everything possible in order that each client will have a wonderful experience with us. We are happy to tell you that until recently we are members of “BBB” (Better Business Bureau) – business bureau which primary activity consists in quality control of the provided services and increases the level of client confidence of the organizations with various direction of commercial activity.

What is “BBB”?


Better Business Bureau

“Better Business Bureau” (BBB) has been founded in 1912 for the purpose to help to the accredited organizations to increase the international rating and degree of client’s confidence Becoming the member of bureau, each company undertakes to carry out the existing Code and obtains accreditation for use of the logo in marketing production.

Now more than 400 000 companies in North America and Canada are the members of “BBB”. “Better Business Bureau” isn’t any government institution, and the companies which have joined it maintain the existing standards thanks to the smoothly running system of self-regulation of the branch. In order to avoid the biased attitude to one or another company activity which is the member of bureau in “BBB” there is a policy the principle of which is abstention from recommendations and approval of any concrete business products or services.

Until recently “Better Business Bureau” was a subject of the numerous disagreements and disputes connected with alleged practice of increase rating of the companies paying membership dues to category “A”. However as practice shows, participation in “BBB” positively affects not only the rating of the company, but also quality of the goods and services provided by it.

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InterMountain Express Limo Service & Denver to Vail limo

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“InterMountain Express limo service & Denver to Vail limo” specializes in rendering of services of a transfer in several popular directions and actively develops, trying to keep up to date. Thanks to membership in “Better Business Bureau” we not only have upgraded the rating, but also have got trust of a huge number of clients.

Today people use our services without any doubts as membership in “BBB” already in itself demonstrates that you can trust us. In order that we could improve as much as possible quality of our work, we suggest you to leave the comments and offers in this section. We definitely will take into consideration the information obtained from you when developing the scheme of cooperation, extension of the list of services, etc. Denver to Vail limo it is not only a limousine, it is comfort and safety.

Leave your feedback and suggestions on the “Better Business Bureau”  website

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