Intermountain express Executive van and safety informations

Coronavirus – Latest Updates and safety informations

Coronavirus – Latest Updates and safety informations

InterMountain Express Limo has started its work in full volume again!

While such severe days, the first goal for the InterMountain Express Limo company is to provide protection and wellbeing of our passengers and our team members. Here you will find the latest updates and safety informations.

Above all, we must suggest the best environmental safety measures to all of our clients. We are totally aware of special requirements and problems in the travel sphere that’s why we do our best to provide you with the best safety and health measures. You’d better follow all these rules to avoid any problems. Please follow the latest updates and safety informations when you book our services.

We have a strong belief that in order of following all these safety rules you could avoid Covid virus disease and keep calm during your journey with InterMountain Express.

 InterMountain Express Limo safety rules for avoiding Covid virus disease:

  • Special cleaning procedures provided for all types of cars. They are cleaned with strong disinfectants after every journey including child car and adult seats, seat belts, door handles, headrest and other commonly used passenger spots.
  • The drivers are ordered to clean all commonly used surfaces and passenger seats after each journey.
  • We made an attempt to raise fresh air ventilation that’s why we advise to open windows using fans and ventilators in a vehicle during each journey.
  • You’d better wear masks, use hand sanitizer and use other necessary safety measures which are provided for each client.
  • Drivers have to ask clients if they have any baggage or personal things with them.
  • Our drivers are obliged to sanitize their hands just after and before the passenger enters and leaves our vehicles.
  • Our drivers are ordered to stay home in case of indicating any virus disease signs.
  • All drivers and passengers should always wear a special safety mask to cover their face during each journey. You’d better take into account that we have a right to refuse provide our transportation services to anyone who refuses to follow these safety rules.
  • Guiding by the special resolution Executive Order D 2020-190of the Colorado State all kids elder than 11 years old  must wear safety masks in social crowded places. Wearing a mask for children younger than 11 years old totally depends on the desire of their adult relatives.
  • Drivers are instructed not to shake hands trying not to touch clients absolutely during each trip.
  • There is no more offers of any sneaks, water or products without special package or seals during each trip nowadays.
  • There is minimal physical transfer of any materials during each trip these days.

Intermountain express Executive Van

The most important thing for us in such severe time is to save health and to protect our clients and chauffeurs. Thus, our priority aim is to provide safety measures at InterMountain Express Limo according to government guidelines and our clients protection.

In order you need any additional data concerning requirement additions or you want to get answer about protection procedures, you could address our support team by the following addresses:

call us for safety informations

tel: (720) 539-3209

We are very grateful for your calmness and generosity.

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