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Closest Airport To Vail, CO

Closest Airport To Vail, CO

What is the closest Airport to Vail, Colorado?

Eagle Vail airport is located in Vail, CO, Eagle County, United States (EGE, US).

The airport can serve both local and international flights. The building of the international passenger terminal consists of five levels: two levels of arrival and departure of passengers and three levels, which are located in the dome. The new terminal is equipped with the latest technology: it has six telescopic gangways, a new apron for international lines to receive all types of aircraft. The building has everything you need to leave the passengers only pleasant impressions of their stay in it: souvenir shops, spacious and cozy waiting rooms, cafes, bars and restaurants, VIP service, Duty free and an observation deck with a magnificent panoramic view of the airport.

Eagle Vail airport

If you’re going to Vail Co, then Eagle Vail airport is thought to be your nearest choice. Just 20-30 minutes from Vail and Beaver Creek ski resort.

The nearest cities to the airport “Eagle County Regional Airport, EGE” are:

21 miles: Eagle, Colorado, United States

53 miles: Edwards, Colorado, USA

64 miles: City of Avon, Colorado, USA

66 miles: Basalt, Colorado, USA

67 miles: Glenwood Springs, Colorado, USA

80 miles: Beaver Creek, Colorado, USA

The best way to get to these resorts is to book transportation from Eagle airport or shuttle from Eagle airport.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the closest airport to Vail Colorado?– Air flights to Vail are available in 2 airports: Denver International Airport (DEN) and Eagle Country Airport (EGE). The closest airport to Vail is Eagle Airport, approximately 33 miles away.

How long does it take to get from the Airport to Vail? – The fastest route takes only 35-40 minutes from Eagle Airport.
Travel times from Denver airport vary greatly due to weather, traffic and other factors, but it can be said to take 2 to 5 hours if the weather is bad.

Where is Eagle Airport Located? – Eagle Vail airport is located in Vail, CO, Eagle County, United States (EGE, US).

What airlines fly out of Vail? – The most convenient flights are Delta Airlines with a connection in New York, British Airways flights with a connection in London, and Lufthansa flights with a connection in Frankfurt.

What airport do you fly into to go to Vail Colorado? – Air flights to Vail are available in 2 airports: Denver International Airport (DEN) and Eagle Country Airport (EGE). The most convenient flights are Delta Airlines with a connection in New York, British Airways flights with a connection in London, and Lufthansa flights with a connection in Frankfurt.

Best options for getting to Vail

Denver International Airport (DEN)

Denver International Airport (DEN), located 214 miles from the resort, and Eeagle Country Airport (EGE), located 35 miles from the resort, can be reached using the InterMountain Express, which offers private shuttle services, vans and private cars.

Eagle Vail Airport (EGE)

Eagle County Airport is located not so far away from the city center. You can get here by public transport or Eagle Vail airport car rental, by Eagle airport taxi or by your own car but Intermountain Express company provides a luxurious transfer and Vail shuttle at any time convenient for you.

Vail airport Public transport

Bus number 4 will take you from the airport to the city. Keep track of the bus schedule so as not to waste time waiting. Bus number 4 runs quite often. During daylight hours and on weekends, the bus runs every 60 minutes. It will take you to the South Frontage Road and Vail Road. The approximate ticket price is 5-7 $. Check with the driver for the exact fare. If you are in no hurry, you can use this transport and at the same time look at the city from the bus window.

Eagle airport taxi / Denver airport Taxi

That is the most expensive way how to get to Vail from the airport. Your luggage will be stowed securely in the trunk. The cabin is spacious and relatively quiet, so you can relax and sleep or listen to music. You don’t need to follow the road and think about where to park your car. Taxis travel much faster than public transport.

There are always free cars near the terminals, so you can easily find where to get there. The only negative is prices from 130 to 160$. The final fare depends on the remoteness of the area where you need to go.

From Denver airport, you cannot order a taxi, they usually serve only the city and the suburbs, they do not go to the mountains.

Riding a taxi is beneficial because you do not need to wait, push around in public transport, and in winter, even freeze at the bus stop. If you want to get there in comfort and pay less, call a taxi from the city. The cost of the trip is determined by the operator and the taxi driver will not have the opportunity to earn extra money on you.

The taxi ride from the airport will be cheaper if you find fellow travelers. This is a common practice in big cities. Therefore, first decide how you will get out of the airport or drive here.

Eagle Vail airport car rental / Denver airport rent car

There are practically no traffic jams in the city, and the distance to the airport is only 21 miles. On the territory of the enterprise, the car can be parked. There are 3 parking lots near the airport. Free parking is available right in front of the airport entrance. But, there is no security here, so no one is responsible for the safety of your property.

There is another parking near the terminal, parking is paid here. Visually, the parking is divided into two zones: long-term parking and short-term parking. Another parking lot is located right at the airport.

Individual transfer or Airport Shuttle

Our transport company InterMountain Express provides passenger transportation services, providing an opportunity to order a car for the following purposes:

– transportation of clients to the airport;

– transportation of passengers from the airport to the hotel, to a meeting, home.

We are always ready to provide a comfortable car with a driver, guaranteeing the optimal quality and safety of the appropriate service.

InterMountain Express shuttle from Eagle airport

Transfer to Eagle Airport is ordered by individuals, individual entrepreneurs and businessmen, employees of various municipal institutions and ministries. Carrying out the relevant passenger transportation, we provide the following services:

– timely and prompt delivery of the vehicle directly to the airport;

– transportation of the client to the specified address within the settlement. At the same time, it is possible to transport passengers outside the city (you can find out about the features of the service and the corresponding restrictions from the company’s employees);

– Our driver will wait for the customer at the airport even in the event of an unforeseen delay in his flight;

– transfer of passengers to the airport. The driver will pick up the customer from home, hotel, from work.

At the same time, our transport company offers the most affordable prices. The cost of services is determined by various factors. The class of the car, the level of its comfort, and the travel distance are taken into account. Other circumstances may be taken into account that affect the conditions and specifics of the transaction.

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