Welcome to the new ski season 2018-2019 Vail Mountain Resort

Welcome to the new ski season 2018-2019 Vail Mountain Resort

The northern hemisphere of our planet is gradually moving into a cold period, and this means that it’s high time to prepare for a new ski season, which is about to start. We offer you a small announcement of the most interesting events, as well as the start of the seasons at the best ski resorts in Colorado. New ski season 2018-2019 Vail Mountain Resort.

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Vail Mountain Resort

Let’s start with Vail Mountain Resort, which is among the five largest ski resorts in the world. It is distinguished by ideal weather conditions – mild temperature and excellent snow quality – these are the things for which tourists love it so much. It is located in an incredibly picturesque corner, where the proud mountain peaks are covered with forests. But Vail Mountain Resort is not only the beauty of wildlife and a comfortable climate. These are more than a hundred ski and bobsleigh tracks and springboards, both for beginners and fearless professionals. They are located in three separate ski areas on both sides of the ridge. The total length of the tracks is 317 km.

Opening Day in Vail Mountain Resort

The town itself is also remarkable: the houses are made in the Tyrolean style, which makes the landscape simple and very comfortable – what is needed for the inhabitants of the stone jungle. On the main street there are many stores, boutiques, shops and salons, as well as items of various services, so that everything you need will always be abused. This season the Vail Mountain Resort opens the ski season on Friday, November 16, 2018. The snow tale of this amazing place will last until April 25th. All this time, lovers of skiing and bobsleigh, as well as snowboarders will be waiting for great snow and the opportunity to have a great rest with the whole family.

Vail to Denver Transportation.

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