Vail resort Colorado news

Vail Resort Colorado News

Good news for all lovers of ski holidays. In the ski season 2018-2019. The ski resort returns a free two hour parking at Vail Resort Colorado. All ever traveled by transportation to Vail, faced with the problem of parking in the ski resort Vail resort Colorado. Vail Resort Colorado – says that they received a lot of complaints about the high prices for parking, which have not been raised for years. Although the biggest complaints were associated with large traffic in the parking lot. Where you could lose half an hour.

Council of the city of Vail

After the city council of the city of Vail, which was held in October. It was decided to structure the rates for the ski season 2018-2019. Two major changes were made, the first is associated with a change in the price of a drive through the new Red Sandstone system, as well as a return to the free-of-charge parking at the Vail Resort Colorado. Approval of the Council of the City of Vail, received a recommendation from the Task Force on Parking and Transportation in Vail.

Transportation to Vail

A little about the Council of Transportation in Vail, it was created in 1999, it was restored a few years ago to improve and effectively use Valera Resort parking in Colorado. The group includes representatives of the city government Vail Resorts and Vail Health. All faced with problems transportation in Vail.

We will give you some tips on how to avoid inconvenience when transportation to Vail.

  • Buy an annual pass and ride your car.
  • Use public transportation.
  • It is still possible to hire a comfortable SUV or Privare transportation to Vail.

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Welcome to the new ski season 2018-2019 Vail Mountain Resort

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