The Best Ice Rinks in Colorado

The Best Ice Rinks in Colorado

Colorado residents have a huge selection of winter activities, but one of the most popular and affordable is ice skating. This is evidenced by the incredible popularity of outdoor rinks, where there are so many vacationers on weekends that there is nowhere for an apple to fall. Moreover, here you can see both local citizens and foreign tourists.

Ice skating is a fun winter activity for the whole family. This year, you can skate on ice arenas with a medical mask, as well as social distance.

Let’s answer the most popular questions

How much does it cost to go ice skating in Colorado? – the average price of a skating rink is from $3-10 and rent of skates is from $3-5;

What is the best ice rink? – The best ice rink is of course the Olympic ice for competitions, but in Colorado every resort has its own ice rink that will allow you to have a good time with your family;

What should you wear to ice skating? – the best recommendation is to use many layers of clothing, since you will be moving around a lot, you do not need a heavy, warm jacket, it will come in handy in moments of relaxation;

How much does it cost to ice skate in Vail? – Money is no substitute for the pleasure of spending the day at the rink with your family, but prices here start from $3 to $13 depending on age.


Keystone is currently considered one of the most popular locations for large-scale events, concerts and shows. However, on weekends there is a stunning ice rink designed for mass skating, as well as for training professional athletes. That is why the quality of the ice here is excellent. Ideal conditions have been created here for figure skaters and hockey players – perfect ice, without roughness and slopes. It is not surprising that Keystone was chosen to host such grandiose performances on ice. In addition to excellent ice coverage, the main advantage of this rink is its spacious area; the disadvantage is its location.

In general, we note that skating rinks equipped here have better ice coverage, which is why skating in such arenas is more convenient and enjoyable. In addition, this year the administration of the Keystone complex purchased new pairs of Swiss-made skates and sets of children’s equipment (helmets, knee pads, elbow and palm guards). The advantages of new clothes are that the anatomical last and soft inserts provide a snug fit on the leg, so even beginners in such skates will stand confidently on the ice. By the way, for those who are still on “You” with winter sports, instructors work throughout the day, who will teach you all the basics of skiing. Well, if you still fell and got injured, don’t worry, Keystone has a first aid station where you will be given first aid.


Vail Square Ice Rink – Another famous ice skating rink is located in Vail Valley, not far from Denver. You can choose this location as a vacation spot for several reasons: the affordable price for renting skates (if you have your own equipment, then there will be no costs at all), as well as excellent nearby infrastructure. Not far from the skating rink there are many coffee shops, restaurants and pizzerias where you can have a hearty meal, and then stroll along pedestrian streets, which are beautifully decorated these days. We assure you that this weekend will be remembered for a long time.

The high-mountain skating rink continues its work, as before, although this season there are changes. Anyone wishing to skate must wear masks and maintain social distancing.


In winter, many parents decide to draw their children’s attention to winter sports. Ice skating is very popular. For those who would love to go for a weekend ride with the whole family, there is good news: there is a perfect place where you can spend fun family time, despite the restrictions associated with the coronavirus.

This ice arena is located near Denver. On weekdays, the skating rink is usually empty, but on weekends you can see quite a lot of activity here. Vacationers can buy hot chocolate and tea to warm up, as they say, “on the spot”. Despite the fact that a rather cozy atmosphere reigns here, from the minuses, we can note a rather expensive price for the services of trainers as well as the not quite ideal condition of the rink.


One of the largest ice rinks operates at the Snowmass Ski Resort. Now, Colorado residents are happy to take pictures against its background, and when they come to the skating rink, they consider it a mandatory item. Of the pluses, we note the well-thought-out infrastructure – next to the skating rink, there are trailers with coffee, hot sandwiches and hot dogs, as well as a skate rental shop. Of the minuses – not very good quality of ice, which does not have time to properly clean and polish (especially in the evening, when there are a large number of people).

On the territory of the entertainment complex for family recreation – Snowmass there is also a skating rink. In winter, guests of the complex can not only splash in the warm outdoor pool, take a steam bath, but also have fun skating. The street ice arena is located on the site of the playground.


Fraser is one of the most atmospheric places located within the city. If on summer days visitors to the park could spend the evening watching a movie in the open air, in autumn they could warm themselves by the fire of a cheerful company and try snacks from the park; then in winter there are many more activities:

Smooth ice, fun music, the opportunity to rent skates and active leisure await visitors. The skating rinks are filled with Italian Zamboni machines, and the ice cover is updated after each two-hour session.

Currently, the skating rink is open to visitors only on weekends – Saturday and Sunday. You can check the skating schedule on the website.

The duration of the session is 1 hour. An entrance ticket is purchased regardless of whether you will ride or just accompany the child. You can buy tickets on the website or at the box office near the complex.


In December, the winter season of mass skating on the ice arena opened at the Leadville Ice Rink in Leadville. The skating rink is open daily on weekdays until 20:30, on weekends, until 23:00 on Saturdays and until 22:00 on Sundays. Sports tickets can be purchased online.

Leadville is one of the most atmospheric places located within the city. On summer days visitors to the park could spend the evening watching a movie in the open air. In autumn they could warm themselves by the fire of a cheerful company and try snacks from the park. Then in winter there are much more activities.


The skating rink is flooded several times a day, so technical breaks are possible. The operation of the site depends on the weather – before visiting, you should call and check the schedule. As for cultural events, the organizers constantly take care of entertaining their sports visitors – mass “rides”, fun holidays for children, and other activities are organized.

What is especially noteworthy for families with children is a separate children’s skating rink for kids from 3 to 12. With animators, instructors and the opportunity to calmly learn to ride among peers.


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End of the Colorado ski resorts season

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