Prepare your AC for the winter season

Prepare your AC for the winter season

AC Repair in Aurora, CO

Prepare your AC for the winter season

Cold days are coming. It is the time when people who live in Colorado should start preparing for the winter season. In this article, I would like to tell more about maintenance and repair rules for air conditioners.

More and more often, the question arises whether it is necessary to use an air conditioner in winter, and how effective the heating function is at this time of the year. Not so long ago, air conditioners have long been used not only as air cooling in summer, but also as a full-fledged and economical heating device for residential premises in the cold season. Thats why, our Denver office uses AC repair in Aurora, CO and we are always happy and warm at work. Why? Because the cost of energy resources, in this case we are talking about electrical energy, is increasing every year and becoming a fairly tangible cost item. It is known that air conditioners are several times more efficient than electric heating systems, which is why they began to be used as heating.

How Frequently Should a Home Conditioner Be Retained?

Proper service maintenance is recommended to ensure trouble-free operation of climate control equipment and extend its service life. Preventive measures will exclude sudden breakdowns of the device, which entail considerable costs.

The need for such work is also justified by the quality of the outgoing air in the room. Dirty air conditioners give out a stream of air with elements unsafe for human health. This can provoke asthma attacks, allergic reactions, skin diseases, etc.

In the article, we will consider information about the service and maintenance of air conditioners, what is the need for regular preventive maintenance; the rules for carrying out and a list of maintenance work, how much it costs to service climate equipment.

Manufacturers of equipment, experienced artisans and even sellers of climate systems warn about the need for periodic maintenance of air conditioners. These recommendations should be taken seriously, since such preventive measures allow you to avoid many problems with the operation of the equipment, to detect minor malfunctions in a timely manner, preventing breakdowns that are more serious.

The optimal time to schedule maintenance on a climate system is twice a year, at the start and conclusion of the season.

Air conditioners have different mechanisms in their structure that ensure the correct functionality of the device. But for a number of reasons, climate equipment can fail.

How to understand whether your home air conditioner requires a repair?

In this article, we will look at the most common malfunctions in the operation of air conditioners, why they can occur, how to repair equipment and avoid breakdowns.

Signs of a malfunction of the device:
  • The air conditioner stopped heating the air;
  • Excessive cooling or heating of the room;
  • Water is dripping or dripping from the indoor unit;
  • Condensation appears on the outdoor or indoor unit;
  • Spontaneous shutdown of the device during operation;
  • The air conditioner stopped turning on;
  • During operation, uncharacteristic sounds or vibrations are observed;
  • Unpleasant odors come from the air conditioner.
  • What determines the cost of repairing air conditioners?

Prices for repairing air conditioners depend not only on the company you choose that provides these services, but also on some other aspects, for example, on the technical condition of air conditioners, on the period of its general operation, the nature of the malfunction, and, of course, on the cost of spare parts required for troubleshooting.

In addition, when repairing climate devices, special expensive equipment and expensive consumables may be required, which also affects the cost of services. The price of an air conditioner service may vary depending on the complexity of the upcoming work, which is determined at the stage of primary diagnostics, as well as on the manufacturer of the product and its model. For example, the cost of repairing a precision air conditioner may differ slightly from the cost of troubleshooting simpler systems. The market now offers both expensive and reasonable prices for air conditioner repair services, even taking into account all of the above factors.

How can I avoid the breakage of the air conditioner?

Neglect of maintenance, unwillingness to make repairs incur additional costs, lack of time to understand the nuances of proper care – all these components negatively affect the operation of the air conditioner, leading to its breakdown and failure. How to avoid it?

The air conditioning system must be repaired in a timely manner if it starts to act up. Often this happens after the summer season and some people decide to wait until the winter and then do repairs. You can’t do that. Late repair of the air conditioning system can lead to serious engine failure.

For the entire spring/autumn period, you can not leave the air conditioner inoperative, as this factor impacts its proper performance in the future.



 All types of air conditioner repair and maintenance.

1) Standard air conditioning maintenance, which is recommended to be done once a year, most often in the spring. First, the air conditioner is diagnosed; the performance of the elements and systems is checked. The freon pressure, the temperature difference at the inlet and outlet, etc. are also checked. During maintenance, the filters of the indoor unit are cleaned and / or replaced;
2) Seasonal maintenance (check-up) of air conditioners is carried out, as a rule, twice a year. Before the start of the season – in the spring, and at the end of the period of active use – in the fall;
3) Overhaul- recommended for always-on devices. Inspection, diagnostics and cleaning are carried out according to the schedule.




Service maintenance of air conditioners differs from warranty service in that it is carried out more for preventive purposes, while warranty service for air conditioners is carried out after a breakdown of equipment and involves calling a master, repair work, and replacing faulty parts

Some companys provide services to the population for the repair and maintenance of household and industrial equipment, Colorado with a master’s call to your home and place of your business. Many years of experience in servicing our office equipment allows the masters of this service to accurately determine faults right on the spot in the shortest possible time. The service center makes a full range of household and industrial repairs quickly, efficiently and at affordable prices.

Timely and constant maintenance of the air conditioner by qualified craftsmen will maintain comfortable climatic conditions at any time of the year. 

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