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Denver to Vail ground transportation and Denver to Beaver Creek car service

 What can be more beautiful than a good rest!? Scientists have proved that travel and active rest allow us to restore strength, not only physical, but also moral. Rest in resort areas has long been recognized as the best means to save you from the professional burnout – personality changes accompanied by loss of interest in work, initiative and general tone. But is it necessary to have a rest in warm countries? It turns out that it is not necessary at all! Rest in the mountains is no way worse than the beach rest, both in summer and in winter time.

IME – a luxury transfer from Denver airport prepared interesting information about Vail and Beaver Creek. 

Sights of the Vail resortvail

General information about Vail

Vail is one of the five largest ski resorts in the world. It is perfect for relaxing at any time of the year. In winter the average temperature in the region is minus 5 Celsius degrees – this is enough to keep the tracks, and skiers and other winter sports fans do not freeze very much. In summer the canopy of trees will cover backpackers and cyclists from the scorching rays and will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the mountain nature. But Vail is not only the beauty of wild nature and a comfortable climate area. This is also more than a hundred ski and bobsleigh trails and trampolines both for beginners and for fearless professionals. They are located in three separate areas of skiing on both sides of the ridge. The total length of the trails is 317 km.

If you wish to visit the resort during summer months, dozens of walking and cycling routes for any level of preparation, tennis courts and golf courses are waiting for you. In addition to active rest, you can enjoy pure mountain air and a variety of plant life.

In the town itself which fascinates you with its characteristic Tyrolean style, along the central pedestrian street there is a huge number of cafes, restaurants and shops where you can buy souvenirs for your friends and relatives. In addition, the town has ski schools for children aged 7-12 and kindergartens for babies.

Premium transfer car service to Vail

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 Enter Mountain Express arranges a luxury transfer from the Denver International Airport to Vail. This means that you can get to the town beautifully with comfort. Our company guarantees your safety throughout the journey. You can order a transfer to Vail by contacting us using the contact information provided. For the organization of the trip it’s just enough to coordinate the time of your arrival and the place of the departure. A polite driver will ensure you a pleasant and safe journey of the premium class to the place of your welcome rest.

Beaver CreekBeaver Creek – Alpine fairytale on the US territory

General information about Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek is a luxury resort located in the state of Colorado not far from yet another vacation spot – Veil. Initially it was erected for the Winter Olympic Games in 1976 but the competitions there were not held and the magnificent resort remained. Like other recreational facilities in this area, it is designed not only for fans of winter sports, nor for backpackers and cyclists. In the cold season active adventurers are expected to adventure on almost one and a half hundred ski trails of all difficulty levels. It is the place where are thirteen ski trails are located which are considered to be the most difficult not only in the United States but throughout the North America. But, in addition to driving tracks for skiing Beaver Creek also invites lovers of a relaxing holiday.

Here you can simply stroll along foot routes, treat yourself with spa procedures and do shopping. Almost all the facilities have transport links by means of escalators, the sidewalks on the streets are heated. In addition, there are some very decent après-ski bars which can be accessed directly from the ski trail. There you will find hot drinks and homeliness. In general, you will get the impression that you are in a cozy alpine village.

This resort is ideal for families with children since there are significantly fewer skiers. There are ski schools and a kindergarten for them as well as special children’s shows are held there too. It’s not hard to get to Beavercreek especially with a good carrier.

 Luxury transfer to the luxury resort

 If you decide to visit this wonderful place, EnterMountain Express will arrange a transfer from the Denver International Airport to Beaver Creek. Premium transfer is not a whim but an integral part of a high level holiday. On the way from the airport you can relax a bit after the flight as well as enjoy the beautiful view of the root of the mountains. You can order a transfer to Beaver Creek by contacting our staff and giving the time and date of the flight’s arrival. Comfortable and representative transport will take you to the right place quickly and comfortably.

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