End of the Colorado ski resorts season

End of the Colorado ski resorts season

End of the Colorado ski resorts season

Have time to find good snow in the last month of the season. Only money ends faster than the ski season, advanced riders of Rocky Mountains joke, and ride until the last day, even at the height of spring. True, for this you have to climb the mountains as high as possible.

The closing of the ski season

The closing of the ski season in Colorado’ ski resorts will take place in April – mid-May 2022. First, the green slopes stop working, then yellow and red.

  • Hesperus Ski Area –  usually closes the ski season first (20 March).
  • Buttermilk resort – Behind him, with a difference of about 14 days, the Buttermilk resort (3 April).
  • Breckenridge and Aparahoe Basin – The longest, until the last snowfall, is skiing at Breckenridge (30 May) and Aparahoe Basin (mid-June).
  • Beaver Creek – The 17th of April is the end date for many ski resorts, including Beaver Creek, Cooper, Keystone and Eldora.
  • Aspen – Famous Aspen is going to close its season on 24th of Aspen.
  • Vail – April 19
  • Telluride – April 3

Dates are subject to change, please check here for up-to-date information.

How can you save

Usually during the spring there are enough free places in hotels, and the cost of rooms, compared to the peak of the ski season, is 20-30% lower.

Colorado broke all records this year: the longest season and the maximum number of visitors. Moreover, a fifth of them are foreigners. Thrill-seekers and snow-seekers still go to the ski resort. The skiers have a week left to enjoy the mountain slopes.

Now there are no long queues at the resort; the slopes are almost free. There was a big influx during the winter.

The closing of the ski season in Colorado in 2022 at different resorts will take place on different dates. This winter there are record snowfalls. In spring, as in winter, ski passes (tickets for lifts) are purchased at the ticket offices of resorts and online. In the last weeks of the season, prices are the lowest; the “Spring Snow” tariff applies. Thanks to it, tourists save lots of money.

If in winter the temperature in the mountains of Colorado stays at negative levels, then in spring it usually does not fall below zero and reaches +5 degrees. At this time, there are fogs, and visibility drops to 5-10 meters. But as soon as the sun comes out, the sky becomes transparent blue.

spring in the mountains of Colorado

Tourists should remember that the spring rays in the mountains are not at all as gentle as they seem at first glance. You can literally get burned within half an hour, so before skiing in April-May, we recommend using sunscreen.

There is a persistent myth that only very wealthy tourists can afford a vacation in Colorado’ ski resorts. Based on the reviews of experienced travelers, we will try to refute stereotypes and prove that you can comfortably relax for little money. You just need to know what and how you can save.

How to save on transportation?

If you really need an affordable and comfortable option, then our company is the right choice!

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How to save on housing?

The choice of accommodation is the most difficult. During the New Year holidays, prices are higher, and the best options are booked from the summer. To save money, it is better to come in the second half of January or in April. The price is double.

What can’t be saved

First of all, no security. Riding in high mountains always carries a risk in the form of an avalanche, collision with other participants, leaving the track, difficult falls. It’s like driving a car.

Security Tips

After long snowfalls, the avalanche service closes most of the routes; in order to be aware, you need to follow the information in the social networks of the resorts or on the scoreboard. Don’t save money on equipment and never forget about insurance.

Take out additional ski insurance; include in it the responsibility for causing harm to third parties; then in case of your fault the cost of treatment is borne by the insurance company.

Choose tracks according to your level of skiing; do not go beyond the marked tracks, ride in a company and help each other.


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