Colorado Water Activities

Colorado Water Activities

Colorado Water Activities

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Water activities in Colorado

The first signs of spring in Colorado are a sign for those who enjoy water activities: the snow on the mountaintops is about to begin to melt and rush into many of our rivers. This natural effect of gravity means it’s time to book your Colorado transfers. River rafting is opening up and it’s time to start mapping the waters where the fish are and dusting off your gear, canoe, kayak, SUP or jet ski.

  • Where to go Kayaking and Canoeing
  • Rafting
  • SUP
  • Fishing

Where to go Kayaking and Canoeing

Rafting is often perceived as a synonym for a crazy vacation, which has earned more than one Hollywood film adaptation. Think for yourself: you and a few of the same adrenaline seekers (from 4 to 10 people can fit in a raft) set sail on a mountain river with all its accompanying rapids, strong currents and cold water.

Where to go 

It remains only to choose where to go for rafting. There are many places, and each of them is cool in its own way. Colorado took care of this, and therefore offers a lot of quality tours around the state. Before choosing your own, read about the most famous rafting places in Colorado.

Eagle River

Eagle River has an honorable mission to open our hit parade. And it is clear why, because rafting on the continuous rapids of the 4th category of Eagle River is not just rafting, but a real blockbuster 3 hours long.

Colorado River

The crystal clear waters of Colorado River with category 5 rapids make it a perfect model for rafting tourism. In addition to the difficult route, tourists can book 3-day tour program which includes picnics in the midst of a fantastic view of the mountain ranges, where you can taste the best dishes of American cuisine.

Piney River

Piney River is considered the best river in Colorado for moderate rafting. There are no thresholds, and coniferous forests, clear water create a pleasant environment..

Whitewater Park

One could write a poem about Whitewater Park, but even that cannot convey the beauty of the cosmic landscape of this place. And the Colorado River flowing at the foot perfectly complements the already impeccable view of this natural “wonder of the world”.


Whitewater rafting activities are abundant in Vail. Be careful to take the kind and level of whitewater into account before making your summertime plans in Vail. You want to be on waves that are enjoyable, controllable, and stimulating rather than dangerous, so keep an eye on waterflow levels and pay attention to river ratings. If you want to get the most out of your river trip, it is best to leave the navigation to a qualified river outfitter.

Scale of river difficulty:

Category I: uncomplicated. These rivers have a small current, but the only danger is small shallows, on which single protruding stones can be found.

Category II: moderately difficult. On such rivers there are relatively simple obstacles, small “plums” and “barrels”. In some places the flow is speeding up.

Category III: difficult. The ramparts of rivers of this class can be high and disorderly. There are numerous rocks and other obstacles such as barrels and small catches.

Category IV: very difficult. If rafting on rivers of previous levels did not require a preview, then the line of movement when passing obstacles of category IV is not obvious “from the influx”. Rapids on a section of the river of such complexity are continuous, the flow is different in power. “Barrels” are dangerous and unpredictable. Constant maneuvering is required.

Category V: extremely difficult. Here, preliminary reconnaissance of obstacles is even more necessary, since certain sections of the river can pose a serious danger to life. Rapids can include high waterfall plumes, narrow passages, very complex shivers and barrels.


Look through these reputable businesses before making your Colorado whitewater rafting reservation. They’ll make sure your summer in Vail is both safe and unforgettable.

Sage Outdoor Adventures has a wealth of experience in the Vail Valley and offers three accessible sites. The business offers excursions, helmets, and wetsuits for people of all ages.



When talking about places rich in beautiful mountain nature, Maroon Bells comes to mind first. There are many rivers in this region, along which you can raft alone or in whole teams.

Reservoirs differ in the number of rapids and their complexity. Here you can find rivers that are suitable for both beginners and professional rafting.


Shoshone is a section of Colorado River. This is the most popular place for rafting. However, this reservoir won popularity by no means of simplicity. Rafting on Shoshone has the fifth level of difficulty. Experienced travelers and sportsmen like to raft along it.

Rafting competitions often take place on this tributary.


Both this place’s beauty and its arbitrary nature are equal. It has many natural and depth-varying regions. High water zones take the place of stony, narrow areas, and vice versa.

There are thresholds prevalent across the whole riverbed. They are secure, though. It was given the second level of complexity for rafting. It is suggested that experienced rafters pick Glenwood Canyon for their rafting destination. Reverse shafts, clamps, and shivers are many.


Try kayaking on the Lake Dillon

Here you can try one of the varieties of outdoor activities- sea kayaking. It uses a longer and narrower boat than for river trips. It gives greater stability and speed in exchange for good maneuverability, which is not needed in the sea or ocean. This type of leisure is popular due to the fact that you can explore the coastline in detail, entering the most inaccessible bays, as well as go out to the open sea.

But a small light boat can capsize, so sea kayaking is recommended in places where the waves are not too high and there are no strong currents. With the help of a small boat, you can enjoy magnificent landscapes, go fishing, take a short trip by sea. From that point of view, Lake Dillon is a perfect place for kayaking.

Whitewater rafting

Rafting is another sport that is popular today. But it is different from kayaking. Raft – an open inflatable raft, designed for 2-10 rowers. A kayak is a one- or two-seater closed vessel. The difference is not only in the equipment used, but also in the technique of swimming and the choice of routes. Rafting always involves traveling through rough water with rapids and strong currents. Kayaking is a much more diverse activity, including walking, slalom, and water tourism.

Breckenridge kayaking locations

There are peaceful rivers for novices and water trails for experts in Blue River’s diverse water basins.

Arkansas is advantageous since you may enjoy the local fauna while rafting there.

Fans of slalom and rodeo can enjoy the Colorado River, which features several alpine rivers with rapids and challenging parts.

Additionally, Eagle River is brimming with routes of varied complexity, and the surrounding scenery is really magnificent.


Kayaking is one of the most traumatic sports. Failure to follow safety precautions can lead not only to injury and illness, but also to death. To avoid sad consequences, you need to start classes with an experienced instructor. Also be sure to purchase equipment that matches the difficulty level of the proposed route. Rafting alone or traveling during floods should be avoided. Always wear a life jacket – do not neglect it, even if you are a good swimmer.

By following the necessary precautions, you do not endanger yourself, and traveling on water will be an exciting adventure!

SUP surfing (paddleboarding) is a water sport that is becoming more and more popular in Colorado. This is a combination of stand up paddle and surf. Unlike surfing, where the athlete stands on the board and uses the wave to move, in stand-up surfing, the athlete stands on it and uses the paddle to move. To understand how to choose the right paddle for a SUP board, you first need to decide on its purpose.

SUP boarding can be a fun and relaxing sport for those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature and improve their health. It can also be more intense and challenging when athletes compete in races or perform tricks on a wave.

SUP surfing is the best way to improve balance, coordination and strength. It can also be a great way to relax and enjoy nature. SUP is available to people of all ages and with any level of training, but before a difficult route it is better to get training. You can try paddleboarding on Lake Dillon, Maggie Pond and Frisco Marina.

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