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Winter vacations are a great time for the whole family to sum up the past year, make plans for the future and, of course, arrange a real Christmas trip. Of course, you can go to the tropics and wait for the battle of the chimes under the palm tree, but not always this is the best option. After all, the end of December is the time of snow-covered trees, pleasant smell of pine needles, warm friendly conversations under the crackle of firewood in the fireplace. And namely for these reasons many families go to Steamboat Springs. Car Service Denver to Steamboat Springs


The best ski resort for children

General information about Steamboat Springs

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 By the way, this is not an exaggeration – in 2009 this resort reached a leading position as a resort for families with children. In the same year it became the leader in the quality of snow. Indeed, among connoisseurs this place is famous for its snow as light as a feather. But let’s return to the family format. There are many ski schools and courses for children and teenagers. Many of them have hour systems but there are also kindergartens for kids. Despite its family orientation, it is one of the largest ski resorts in the United States of America. Steamboat Springs offers its guests more than a hundred ski slopes for any level of preparation. If you decided to ski for the first time, do not worry – here not only children are well trained.

As for the infrastructure, then you can safely put the highest score – in addition to the lifts for adults, there are five lifts for children too. It is noteworthy that the first cabin elevator in the North America was launched here. Before tearing towards the wind along the mountain slopes you will admire the most magnificent landscapes both during the ascent and from the peaks themselves. By the way, the fans will not be bored here to challenge the cool ribbon of the ski trail – several routes of very high complexity are organized for them.

After an active recreation a lot of bars, cafes and restaurants open their doors for guests. There you can warm yourself with a cup of cocoa or coffee, sit and chat with friends. You can stop both in hotels and in modest guesthouses. The level of service is high everywhere despite the status of your hotel. But how could you get to this pearl in the north-west of Colorado? 

Premium transfer for the best rest

You can order a transfer to Steamboat Springs from our organization in order not worry about how to find this wonderful place. InterMountain Express arranges transfer from the Denver International Airport to Steamboat Springs with maximum comfort. Thanks to us you will not only quickly reach this amazing corner of the United States but you will also find out what a real luxury transfer is. We will be sincerely glad to be a part of your winter exciting holiday.

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